Watch List Types

Watch lists can display data for:

Fully Paid Ordinaries
Exchange Traded Options – Calls & Puts
Warrants – Calls & Puts
Company Options
Preference Shares
Convertible Notes
Fixed Interest

To view a watch list of any of these types, click the Watch List icon on the Command tool bar.

This will bring up the 'Open Watch List' window.

To open a saved watch list...
Step 1: Click on 'Watch list' on the left side of the window.
Step 2: Choose a previously saved watch list from the right hand side of the window.
Step 3: Click 'OK'

This method works with any other type of watch list. In this example a 'Global Markets' watch list is being opened.

Note: You will only be able to see data in the 'Global Markets' and 'Currencies' watch lists if you have those data feeds on your data plan.

For more information on data plans go to the 'Plans' page of the PhoenixAI main website.

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