Traded Options Watch Lists

Traded Options watch list Views Toolbar Key:

= Option code dropdown menu. Use this menu to choose which code you want to see the options for
= Apply - Same as pressing ENTER on your keyboard
= Open watch list
= Filter Exercise date drop-down menu. Use this menu to choose how many months worth of options you want to see
= Filter pirce drop-down menu. Use this drop down menu to choose to view options of a specific price
= Show both calls and puts
= Show only calls
  = Show only puts
= Show derivative toolbar. This will bring up a whole new toolbar inside the traded options window.
= Synchronise

If this icon is lit, when you double click on a item in your watch list, any other open windows will take on that stock code. If it is unlit, when you double click on an item in your watch list, nothing will happen. Usually you would leave this icon lit all of the time.
  = Sync Play

If this icon is lit, your watch list will automatically start syncing a new symbol every minute or so. You can change the timing of the 'Sync Play' by going to 'Tools' > 'Customise'. Then under the 'Options' tab scroll down to 'Play Timeout' under 'Symbol Sync' and choose a number between 3 (seconds) and 120 (seconds). Note: If you set the timeout too low, it may not have enough time to load all the data history before it moves on to the next code. If this is happening to you, increase the timeout period to a higher amount.

To open a 'traded options watch list' click on the watch list icon in the commands toolbar:

Step 1: Choose Traded Options from the list on the left.

Step 2: From the list on the right choose the stock you'd like to see the Traded Options for.

Step 3: Click OK.

You can actually skip Step 2 if you wish, as you can change the stock that's displayed in the Traded Options window at any time

Step 1: Click the drop-down menu on the left end of the Traded Options toolbar
Step 2: Select the appropriate symbol
Step 3: Click the green tick


 Derivative Toolbar:

 When you click on the 'Der tb' icon in your traded options watch list views menu another toolbar will appear inside the traded options watch list window and will look like this:

The derivative toolbar will affect things like the 'Fair Value' and the 'Greek Values'.

Here is a key as to what each item in this toolbar does:

= Allows you to change the underlying stock. By Defualt this item will be set to unchangable.
= Allows you to change the value of the underlying stock. By Defualt this item will be set to unchangable.
= Allows you to change the date at which your options calculations are made. By Defualt this item will be set to unchangable.
= Lets you see (and/or change) the historical volatilities. By Defualt this item will be set to unchangable.
= Lets you see (and/or change) the risk free interest rates. By Defualt this item will be set to unchangable.
= Lets you see (and/or change) previous dividends that occured on the underlying stock. By Defualt this item contains nothing and will be set to unchangable.
= If this icon is toggled on, you will not be able to change any of the items above. When this item is toggled off you will be able to change the items above.
Lets you change the model the options are calculated on.
= When this icon is toggled on, the watch list will not automatically recalculate. It will only recalculate when you manually click on the 'calc' icon.
= Allows you to manually force a recalculation of all of the values in your watch list according to the new parameters you've entered with the tools above.

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