Command Toolbar

This is a graphical representation of features found under 'Commands' in the menu bar.

This tool bar acts as a control centre, allowing you to access important functions with a single click.

You also have the 'large command toolbar' as seen below. This bar has fewer, commonly used, functions on it with larger icons and names so as to make them easier to decipher.

Below is a large version of every icon in the commands toolbar. To find out more about each of the windows click on the corresponding window names.

Watch Lists


Market Depth


Trade Analysis

Symbol Summary

Corporate Actions

Time Series


Daily Totals

Top Movers

Market Mosaic


Inquisitor (Lite)

Advanced Inquisitor

Inquisitor Report

Advanced Inquisitor Report

Options Market Summary

Derivative Quotes Map

Derivative Calculator

Derivative Charts

Derivative Strategy

System Simulator

System Builder

Connect Me

Disconnect Me


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