Opening a Chart

You can open a chart window via the commands menu or toolbar:

Charts allow you to display price data visually.

You can access chart windows in a number of ways.

Click the Chart icon on the Command toolbar.  (creates a new blank chart)

Select New Window > Chart from the File menu.  (creates a new blank chart)

Select New from the File menu or File toolbar then select Chart.  (creates a new blank chart)

Select  Open from the File menu or File toolbar, and select the Chart file type.  (opens a previously saved chart file, but doesn't work with Auto Open charts)

Right-click in a watch list, depth, trades, or Inquisitor report window, and select Chart.  (creates a new chart and fills it with the data for the symbol you right-clicked on)

When you create a new chart, a blank chart window appears and the Views toolbar changes to the Chart toolbar.

Enter the security symbol to be displayed and click Symbol Apply (green tick), or just press Enter.

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