Graph Explorer

Graph Explorer can be accessed two ways:

1.  Click the Graph Explorer icon on the Chart toolbar
2.  Right-click in the chart and select Graph Explorer

Graph Explorer allows you to:

*  Add indicators and highlights
*  Delete indicators/highlights/overlays
*  Adjust the settings of the indicators/highlights/overlays already on the chart
*  Adjust the order in which indicators are displayed
*  Load and save chart templates

Note: Graph Explorer does not show chart tools (lines, rectangles, etc), only indicators and highlights.

To add an indicator or highlight using Graph Explorer, click the Add button and the Add Study window will appear.

For more information on adding indicators, highlights or overlays see the Add Study section of this manual.
For information about chart templates, see the Chart Templates section of this manual.

To adjust the settings of an indicator, for instance, the term of a Moving Average:

Open Graph Explorer
Select the indicator
Adjust the settings on the right-hand side of the dialog
Click OK to finish

As you can see by the image above, while you were there you could have also adjusted the colour, thickness, and style of the line for the moving average.

If you just made a mistake in Graph Explorer, for instance you just deleted Section 1, you should immediately click Cancel or the X to undo the change.

To move an indicator up or down on your chart window, for instance we want to move the volume section to the top of the chart window.

Open Graph Explorer
Click the section that contains the indicator you wish to move (in this case, section 2)
Click the Up button.
Click OK to finish.

This will instantly move the indicator on the chart window.


To remove an indicator, overlay or section from a chart open Graph Explorer and...

Select the item you want removed.
Click the Delete button.
Click OK to finish.

Note:  If the indicator or overlay is in Section 1 (the main chart section), you should only ever select the indicator/highlight/overlay within that section, and NOT the section itself.

Deleting Section 1 will destroy the chart.


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