Chart Scales

There are 3 scale types available in PhoenixAI.

Arithmetic (Ari)
Logarithmic (Log)
Logarithmic 10 (Log 10)

You can change the scale of the chart via the chart scale drop-down menu:

On a linear or 'arithmetic' scale chart, the spacing between each value on the vertical (Y) axis is equal. The scale is not averaged out to give more weight to the lower prices as with Logarithmic/Percentage scaling.

Log and Log10 are scales that illustrate changes in percentage. So if a share doubles in price from $1 to $2, and then doubles again from $2 to $4, the distance between 1 and 2 will be the same as the distance from 2 to 4 because in both cases the increase was a doubling.  The result being that the points on the Y axis will be the same distance apart.

In the examples below, we're looking at an Arithmetic, a Logarithmic and a Logarithmic 10 quarterly charts of BHP.


As you can see, the Arithmetic chart (above) shows a steeply growing curve as the price increases, and the Y axis is graded in evenly spaced $5 amounts.


The Logarithmic chart differs in that it shows a steadily growing value (percentage growth), with the Y axis is graded in unevenly spaced amounts, automatically adjusted to show no decimal points.


The Logarithmic 10 chart looks identical to the Log chart, but the Y axis is back to evenly spaced amounts of exactly 5% of the current stock value - hence the extra decimal point values.


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