Add Study

Chart studies are indicators, highlights or systems that can be placed on a chart.

You can access 'add study' by clicking on the icon in the toolbar:

Alternatively you can right click on any chart and click on 'Add Study' from the pop up menu:

Add Study allows you to select a chart study and configure it before placing it on your chart.

The Add Study window contains a separate tab for each type of study. 

The Indicators tab contains many standard, well documented indicators, and a few that are provided by plug-in programs such as the Gryphon Agent.

Highlights, like the name suggests, are designed to highlight sections of the chart where something specific has happened.  The highlight could be a box, an arrow, pivot points, gaps or just a simple line or two.  It depends on the particular highlight.

Below are some examples of chart highlights.

Systems refer to trading systems, as opposed to indicators. 

Systems don't put lines on your charts like indicators or highlights do, instead they display labels with relevant information. PhoenixAI only has one native system for moving average crossovers. Any other existing systems are only available through the 3rd party plug-in for the Gryphon Agent.

Below is an example of a system displayed on a chart.

Note: Indicators, highlights and systems provided by plug-in programs have the blue 'S' (script icon) next to their name.


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