Multiple Screens

If you wish to use Phoenixai with multiple monitors, you have couple of choices.

1. You can click the "restore down" icon in the top-right corner of the software (to make PhoenixAI a window instead of being maximised), and then use your mouse to drag the top, bottom, left and right edges of the PhoenixAI window to the edges of your screens, thus stretching the program across your monitors.

2. You can simply open more than one copy of PhoenixAI, place one on each monitor and then open a different workspace in each window.

The easiest way to open your second workspace is to:

Step 1: Click the File menu
Step 2: Select Open workspace
Step 3: Select the workspace
Step 4: Tick the box marked "Open workspace in new PhoenixAI instance"
Step 5: Click Ok

Pros & Cons
The first option gives you one huge window, but you'll have to do the resizing thing every time you start PhoenixAI.
The second option will not allow you to open the same workspace in each window.