Troublshooting your connection

Account Credentials Rejected

If you receive an Account Credentials Rejected message when connecting, you have either entered the
wrong Username or Password (or you are already logged on with another computer).

Steps to take:

1) Check your Username and Password

2) Ensure you are not already logged in with another computer.

Note:¬† This message can appear if you are attempting to connect again immediately after losing your Internet connection, or ‚Äúdropping off‚ÄĚ.¬† In this case, The PhoenixAI server takes a few seconds to realise you‚Äôre gone.¬† However, once it does, your connection is cleared and you may reconnect.

Failed to Connect

If you receive a message like the following: 

"Failed to connect"
"Waiting to connect..."
"Resolving host login1.phoenixai.com.au..."
"Hostname resolution failed."

The chances are that your f
irewall is blocking the connection, or your Internet connection is not working.

If you're not sure what firewall software you're running, some common ones include Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton, AVG, BitDefender, Trend Micro and Zone Alarm.  There are many others, but they all do pretty much the same thing.  Basically, if you've got something that calls itself "Internet Security", "Security Suite", or something similar, then that's the one.  There's normally an icon for the firewall software down in the "System Tray" in the lower-right corner of the screen near the clock.  Usually double-clicking this icon will access the firewall configuration.

You could try turning your firewall off for a few minutes while you attempt to connect PhoenixAI.

If your connection attempt is successful then you know that the problem was in fact the firewall, and you can go about altering its internal specifications to allow PhoenixAI to connect in the future.

Most firewall programs have a section called Program Control or something similar, which allows it to control Internet access based on which software package is attempting access.  In the program control section you should look for entries for the following programs:

PhoenixAI.exeBoth these programs should be set to "Allow" or "Permit", depending on your particular firewall program.

If you're at work and there's a company firewall in place, you should check with your tech guys to see if port 5003 is being blocked, as PhoenixAI uses this port to connect.

On the off chance that you've checked the firewall and all is ok, but you still can't connect, then make sure your Internet connection is working properly.

You can easily test your Internet access by opening Internet Explorer and going to a web site you normally wouldn't visit, or click here www.sun.com.

If the site loads, then your Internet is ok, if it doesn't, then it's not.  Fix your Internet connection and try connecting again.

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