Time Alerts

Note: For the email and SMS alerts to work, you will need to make sure you have funds available in your PhoenixAI pay per view (PPV) account. You can do this by logging on to www.phoenixai.com.au

Time alerts is a function that allows you to set up specific points in time when you wish to be notified of a particular stock price. For example, If you wanted to have the price of BHP SMS’d to you at 3:30pm every day of the week you would do the following...

Step 1: First you will need to enter you mobile number into the ‘Alerts manager’ with in PhoenixAI. If you’re sure you have already done this skip to step 5. ‘Open up your alerts manager window by double clicking on the alerts manager icon at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

Step 2: Click ‘Options’ -> ‘Settings’.

Step 3: In the settings window, type in your mobile number next to where it says ‘Mobile’.

Step 4: Click ‘OK’.

Step 5: Go to www.phoenixai.com.au , click ‘User Login’ and log into the website.

Step 6: On the far top left hand side of the screen click ‘Time Alerts’.

Step 7: In the screen that comes up click ‘New’.

Step 8: Choose the days and time you wish the alert to be SMS’s to you.

Step 9: Type in the stocks you wish to know the price of under ‘Symbols’. Note: You can only add one stock per line.

Step 10: Choose whether you want SMS and/or email alerts and click the appropriate boxes.

Step 11  Click the ‘Add’ button.

To remove a previously set up time alert…

Step 1: In the main ‘Time Alerts’ window, next to the alert you want to remove click ‘Amend’.

Step 2: In the next window click ‘Delete’.

Alternatively: If you want to keep the ‘Time Alert’ but just want to stop it for a while, simply untick the box that says ‘Active’ and then click ‘Set’.