Alerts notify you when a change in a stock's price has met certain criteria.

This may be a certain price (like a stop loss), a volume level, or a news report.

PhoenixAI alerts are managed by the Alerts Manager, and all alerts are stored on the server.

Note: Availability of Alerts manager depends on your data plan and optional extras. To confirm your access to this feature go to www.phoenixai.com.au and click on the Plans page or contact PhoenixAI Support.

To view the Alerts Manager, click the View menu and select Alerts.  Alternatively you could double click on the alerts icon at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

Here you can add, modify and delete alerts. 

Add Alert:

To add an Alert, click the Add Alert () icon. Then...

Step 1: Type in the desired symbol.

Step 2: Choose the field (Last, Bid, Ask, Volume, %Move, News).

Step 3: Choose an operator (=,>,<,<>,>=,<=).

Note: If you select "=" as an operator, there is a risk that your alert will not be triggered.  By selecting "=", you will only be notified when the criteris hits exactly the amount you specify.

An example of this is if you wanted to know when BHP hit $30.00 and it was already trading at $29.98 but then the price jumped to $30.01.

In such a case, the alert would not be triggered.

This because no trades went through at exactly $30.00. For this reason, if you want an alert to come up when a price goes over or below a certain point use these operators:

>= equal to or greater than

<= equal to or less than

Step 4: Enter the value at which you'd like the alert triggered.

Step 5: Choose how many days you want the alert to be active for.

The Activate section allows you to activate the alert immediately or for next trading day.

You may also elect to have an SMS or email sent to you when the alert activates by ticking the appropriate box (fees apply).

Step 6: Click 'OK'.


Delete Alert:

To delete an alert:

Step 1: Click on the list current alerts icon.

Step 2: Choose the alert you wish to delete.

Step 3: Click the delete icon.

Modify Alert:

To modify an alert:

Step 1: Click on the list current alerts () icon.

Step 2: Choose the alert you wish to modify.

Step 3: Click the modify alert () icon.

Once an alert has been triggered it moves into the Triggered alerts list which you can view by clicking on this icon:

As with current alerts, triggered alerts are stored on the server, and will remain in this list until you delete them.

Notice that the Add icon () is not available on the triggered alerts list.  This is because you are not permitted to add anything onto this list.

Customising Alerts Manager:

You can sort your current and triggered alerts by symbol or expiry date by right-clicking on the list.

Clicking the Options menu and selecting Settings allows you to modify the row colours of the Alerts window.

Also in this dialog, you can set the email address for email alerts, and the mobile number for SMS alerts.

Please note the format for the mobile number is as follows:  +12345678901

Let's say your Australian mobile number is 0404 999 999.

You would drop the leading 0, and the international dialing code for Australia (+61) should be added to the front of the number.

The result being +61404999999

If you were in New Zealand, the same principle would apply, but the dialling code for New Zealand is +64.

So a mobile number for New Zealand would be entered as follows:  +6429999999

Note: For the email and SMS alerts to work, you will need to make sure you have funds available in your PhoenixAI pay per view (PPV) account. You can do this by logging on to www.phoenixai.com.au

You can also specify a sound file to be played when an alert triggers.

To select a sound file, tick the Triggered alert box, then click the ellipsis (...) button to browse for a sound file.

The file type required is a wave file (.wav).

If you do not have a sound available, you can always use one of the sound files that came with Windows.

They can be found in C:\Windows\Media

Select the sound file, and click Open.