Getting Started

System requirements to run PhoenixAI? 

Is there a free trial of the software available?

Will PhoenixAI run on an Apple Mac?

Is there an iphone version of PhoenixAI? 



Is there a manual on how to use the PhoenixAI software?

What if I can not connect to the PhoenixAI servers?

On the 'Real Time on Demand' plan how does the 'Timed Data' feature work?

Can I use PhoenixAI data in another charting package?


Recommended system requirements to run PhoenixAI?

Microsoft Windows XP or higher. Windows 2000 runs with reduced capabilities.
Dual Core 2 GHz processors or higher
 2 GB RAM or better
 40 MB disk space for the software (Minimum installation)
Plenty of extra disk space for chart data



Is there a free trial of PhoenixAI available? 

No, but we do have a risk free trial available for $2.95 for the first 30 days. If you're not happy with the software in the first 21 days all you need to do is send us an email and we will refund the initial charge.


Will PhoenixAI run on an Apple Mac? 

Yes, PhoenixAI can run on a Mac but only under Windows (Intel based Macs only).  There is no OS X native version of PhoenixAI available.

In order to run PhoenixAI on your Mac, you will need to install Windows using 'Boot Camp Assistant', 'Parallels' or 'VMWare Fusion'. Once Windows has been installed, you can then install PhoenixAI.


Is there an iPhone version of PhoenixAI available? 

No, there are currently no plans to make an iPhone version of PhoenixAI available.


What if I can not connect to the PhoenixAI servers? 

Sometimes after installing the software you might be unable to connect to our servers. One of the reasons might be a firewall

If you are running a software firewall (e.g. Windows XP Firewall), you have to reconfigure the firewall to

- Unblock MisData.exe and allow access the network/Internet if prompted by the firewall software
- Unblock PhoenixAI.exe and allow access the network/Internet

If your router has a firewall that blocks certain traffic/ports, or maybe your Internet provider does this, Phoenix needs to communicate via

- Port 5003 for connecting to our main servers
- Port 443 for accessing Company Reports


On the 'Real Time on Demand' plan how does the 'Live Data Timeout' feature work?

Once you have connected to the PhoenixAI server, down the bottom right hand side of the screen, a yellow 'ASX' icon will appear.

Yellow means that you are currently viewing delayed data. On this plan you can view 20 minute delayed ASX data for as long as you like.

If you would like to view real-time data click on the ASX icon.

A menu will appear with options like 'delayed', 'timeout…' and 'timeout [2]'.  The number that appears next to the 'timeout' option in the menu stands for the amount of minutes before you're automatically switched back to 20 minute delayed data. This is a failsafe so you don't use all your real-time minutes at once.

By clicking on 'timeout…' or 'timeout [2]' you can switch on real-time data.  ('timeout..." by itself, will let you enter a number of minutes)

You will notice that when real-time data is active the ASX icon turns green.

Remember that the live time is an inactivity "timeout" period and not a "timed" period.  So selecting 'timeout [2]' doesn't mean you will see live data for two minutes and then it goes back to delayed.  It means that two minutes of inactivity must elapse before the software switches you back to delayed.

For example, if you select timeout [2] and then just sit there looking at the screen, the software will revert to delayed data after two minutes.

If, however, during the live data period you make a data request, ie. you change the symbol you're looking at on the chart, open a market depth, change the chart to intraday, etc, this will reset the timeout counter, and the live data period will continue until there has been two minutes of inactivity.

Two things you should be aware of:

1. If you've set the timeout period to a large number, eg. 30 minutes, you may inadvertently stay connected to real-time data all day and lose most of your real-time minutes in one hit.  This is because the software will be looking for 30 minutes of inactivity before it switches you back to delayed data.

For this reason that it is recommended that you only use the timeout period in lots of 1 - 5 minutes.

2. The timeout counter ignores the data streaming into your watch lists.

If you wish to cut the live data period short, click the ASX icon and select "Delayed".


Can I use PhoenixAI data in another charting package? 

No, However PhoenixAI does have DDE functionality that enables you to stream data into your speadsheets. For full details on how to do this refer to the online manual.