Signing up

As you may already be aware, the PhoenixAI software is free to install from the downloads page of this website.

However, in order to use PhoenixAI you will need to sign up to a subscription plan.

Available data plans range from as low as $28.95 per month for 20 minute delayed ASX data, up to $177.60 per month for ‚Äėreal time all the time‚Äô ASX and foreign exchange data.

You can trial PhoenixAI on any plan for $2.95 for the first month (plus any extras you choose).  If, within the first 21 days, you decide PhoenixAI is not for you, you are entitled to a refund of your initial payment.

If you'd like to continue using PhoenixAI you don't need to do anything. At the end of the first 30 days if we haven't received an email, PhoenixAI will automatically begin to charge your credit card for your chosen data plan.

For a full list of plans and what they include, please have a look at our data plans page before proceeding through the activation process.

Follow these instructions to sign up to a PhoenixAI data plan...

Step 1 - To start the sign up process in a new window, click:


Step 2
- Type in some personal details.


Step 3 - Choose the data plan you would like to sign up on then click next.

If you're unsure of what plan to sign up to, you can always click go to the data plan choices on the Data menu at the top the screen. 

Step 4 - Make a selection from the list of optional extras and click proceed.

Step 5 - Review the total cost of your invoice, read the small print, click 'I agree', and then click 'Proceed to payments page'.

Step 6 - Enter your credit card details and click 'Process'.

Step 7 - You have now subscribed to a data plan through PhoenixAI. Your username and password will automatically be sent to the email address you provided at the start of the activation process. You can now move on to downloading the PhoenixAI software.