How PhoenixAI can enhance your trading

PhoenixAI is first and foremost designed to be an impressive charting package, and we've put a huge amount of effort into getting as much charting functionality in the software as possible. But, we've simultaneously focused on usability and intuitiveness. So this means that even though there's an abundance of chart tools, indicators and outstanding chart navigation, we're confident you'll find it a breeze to use.

Another noteworthy feature of PhoenixAI is the Inquisitor. Inquisitor will enhance your trading by allowing you to scan the market for stocks matching your trading strategy's criteria. The basic Inquisitor gives you access to hundreds of preset filters that you can combine to find almost anything you're looking for.

For those who have an eye for detail, we've recently added the Advanced Inquisitor to the software (available on certain data plans). This new scanning facility, totally different from the basic Inquisitor, has been written from the ground up. With this, you'll be hard pressed to come up with anything you can't scan for.

The system builder and system simulator let you design your own trading rules utilising any combination of the hundred or so indicators included in the software. The simulator lets you test it over historical price data and gives you pages of useful feedback. Alone, these two features of PhoenixAI could save you a massive amount of time.

For video tutorials on how to create and test your own trading strategies click here.

PhoenixAI also has an unparalleled set of derivative tools. The derivative map and watch list windows present your selected options in two different formats. There's the derivative calculator for things like implied volatility and Greek values. You've got a derivative specific chart for plotting the fair value, risk free rate and Greek values in separate sections, and lastly you've got the derivative strategy window. This aspect allows you to combine combinations of options and plot the projected profit /loss based on the price action of the underlying stock. You've even got a 3D chart that will factor in time decay.

These are just a few of the features in PhoenixAI that will help you get more out of the markets.

For a video demonstration of more PhoenixAI capabilities click here.