A workspace is a file that contains watch lists, charts and other data windows.


Workspaces allow you to open a number of charts, watch lists, depth screens, etc at the same time, allowing you to get working quickly.  You can have several saved workspaces and switch between them, or you can open multiple copies of PhoenixAI on the same computer and use two or more workspaces at once. 

Key Points:

 Sync your watch list to other windows
 Choose to lock a window to refuse synced data
 Use the 'Auto open' function to automatically open saved charts


Quick Tips:

To create a workspace, simply open the windows you want to use, arrange them however you like, then click File > Save Workspace (or Save Workspace As...), enter a name for the workspace, and click Save.
To open an existing workspace, click File > Open workspace, select the workspace and click OK.

Most of the windows in a workspace (charts, depth, symbol summary, etc) are stored within the workspace file itself, so you could copy the workspace file to another computer and it should still work.  However, if the workspace contains a watch list, you must also copy the watch list file.  Watch list files are the only window type not stored within the workspace file.