Watch Lists


A watch list is simply a list of symbols grouped together.


Watch lists allow you to quickly access up-to-the-minute data for symbols you are tracking, trading, or simply watching.

Watch lists let you sync your other data windows to the same symbol.

Watch lists can also be used in conjunction with Inquisitor for restricting the scope of a market scan, or providing the data source for the ticker bar.

Key Points:

 Build your own watch lists
      Add unlimited number of symbols

 Use one of many built in watch lists
      Traded Option Chains
      Top Movers Chains
      Many more

 Display any of variety of columns available
      Many more

 Sort by any of the columns


Quick Tips:

To create a watch list, click File > New, then select watch list, and click OK. You can then add symbols to your watch list.

You can use the Insert key on your keyboard to add a symbol to a watch list.

You can only add or delete symbols on a watch list you have created.

See the Watch Lists section in the online manual for more information.