Chart Tools


Charts tools are used to perform a range of analysis methods usually to help you determine future price movements.


Use over 30 chart tools to aid your charting technical analysis. From trend lines, to Gann, Fibonacci and Cross-hair - Track Time, PhoenixAI has all your chart tool requirements met. More importantly you should find the use of the tools to be easy and intuitive.

Key Points:


 Easy and intuitive to use
 Over 30 Charting Tools
      Trend Line
      Half Ray
      Full Ray
      Support/Resistance Line
      Infinite Support/Resistance Line
      Arrow Line
      Vertical Line
      Extend/Compress/Cut Trend line
      Andrew's Pitchfork
      Gann Rays
      Gann Fan
      Gann Price/Time
      Fibonacci Time
      Fibonacci Fan
      Fibonacci Support Line
      Fibonacci Arc
      Fibonacci Price Extensions
      Speed/Resistance Lines
      Linear Regression
      Linear Regression Bands
      Andrew's Pitchfork
      'Auto Size' & 'Tool Values' toggle switches
      Cross-hairs - Track Time


Quick Tips:

'Chart tools' in PhoenixAI have their own toolbar situated at the top of the screen. To make a tool work click on the chart you want to add the tool to, then click on the icon you want in the toolbar and click back on the chart to use it.