Chart Indicators


Indicators are calculations performed on chart data.


Indicators such as moving averages can display overall price trends for a symbol, allowing you to get a better overview of the long term price direction.

Quick Tips:

Indicators can be added via the Add Study icon which can be found on the chart toolbar, or by right-clicking in the chart window.

Add Study allows you to choose an indicator or highlight and modify the parameters or arguments prior to adding it.

If you wish to alter or remove an indicator, you should use Graph Explorer.

Like Add Study, Graph Explorer can be found on the chart toolbar and also by right-clicking in the chart window.

Graph explorer allows you to change the arguments for an indicator (that is already on the chart), remove indicators or chart sections, gives access to Add Study, and facilitates the creation of chart templates which allow you to add whole sets of indicators at once.

Key Points:

Variety of built-in studies

Built in scripting engine

This is a list of built-in studies as of 06/DEC/2010

         $ Value Traded
         $ Value Traded - Log
         % D Slow
         % D Slow (Lane)
         % K Raw (Fast)
         % K Raw (Fast) (Lane)
         % K Slow (Fast)
         % K Slow (Fast) (Lane)
         Accumulation Distribution
         Average True Range (ATR)
         Average True Range (Wilder ATR)
         Average True Range% (ATR%)
         Bollinger Band Width
         Bollinger Bands
         Bollinger Bands - Naked
         Bollinger Bands - Traditional
         Chaikin Money Flow
         Chaikin Oscillator
         Chaikins Volatility
         Commodity Channel Index
         Detrended Deviation
         Ease of Movement - Arms
         Elder Bear Power
         Elder Bull Power
         Elder Ray Average
         Envelopes EMA
         Envelopes SMA
         Estrangement Oscillator
         Force Index
         Force Index - Smoothed
         Holy Grail
         Keltner Channels
         Linear Regression Acceleration
         Linear Regression Bands
         Linear Regression Forecast
         Linear Regression Oscillator
         Linear Regression Slope
         Log Price
         MACD Histogram
         Mass Index
         Median Price Indicator
         Mid Point Indicator
         Money Flow Index
         Moving Average
         Moving Average - Displaced
         Moving Average - Exponential
         Moving Average - Simple
         Moving Average - Triangular
         Moving Average - Weighted
         Moving Average Channel
         Multiple Moving Averages
         Negative Volume Index
         On Balance Volume
         Parabolic SAR
         Parabolic SAR Oscillator
         Percentage of Volume Average
         Percentage Rate of Change of Volume
         Positive Volume Index
         Price (Donchian) Channels
         Price Oscillator
         Price Oscillator - Detrended
         Price Oscillator %
         Price Volume Trend
         Rate of Change
         Rate of Change - Percentage
         Relative Strength Index (RSI)
         Relative Vigor Index
         Standard Deviation Indicator
         Stochastic Fast
         Stochastic Fast (Lane's Classic)
         Stochastic Slow
         Stochastic Slow (Lane's Classic)
         Trade Volume Index
         Trend Intensity Index
         Trend Line Indicator ( Swing Chart )
         TRIX Indicator
         Typical Price
         Ultimate Oscillator
         Vertical Horizontal Filter
         Volatility (Log Normal)
         Volume Average
         Volume Average Indicator
         Volume Log
         Volume Oscillator
         Volume Rate of Change
         Weighted Close
         Weighted Price
         Williams Accumulation Distribution
         Williams Percent R
         Williams Variable Accumulation Distribution
         Zig Zag

         Full Gap Down
         Full Gap Up
         Gap Down
         Gap Up
         Island Bottom
         Island Top
         New High/Low

         (No built-in systems)