Inquisitor - Lite


Inquisitor scans the ASX for symbols that meet user-defined specifications.


Combine sets of search rules to scan the entire market or through a watch list of your choice. Choose to run the scans for the current day or over up to 5 previous days.

Use the 'rule editor' at the top side of the window to modify and change the operator. Choose from a vast assortment of predefined and modifiable rules.

Your criteria will appear on the left as it is constructed

Key Points: 

The Inquisitor is an advanced stock scanning and search utility. It has the capability to scan all the ASX data we have available. Some of the fields covered are...

          Asset Backing (NTA)
          Dividend Per Share (DPS)
          Dividend Yield (%)
          Earnings Per Share (EPS)
          Earnings Yield (%)
          Market Capitalization
          % Price Move
          Last Price
          Traded Volume
          Traded Value

          Bear Power
          Bull Power
          Simple Moving Average
          Exponential Moving Averages
          Weighted Moving Averages
          Volume Average

          Days Till Expiry
          Exercise Type
          Implied Volatility
          Open Interest


Quick Tips:

Once you build a criteria that works for you, it can be saved and used again and again. 

Just click File > Save As... and give it a name.

You can then use the Inquisitor report icon on the Ccommand toolbar to quickly generate a report based on a saved set of filters.

See the Inquisitor Report section in the online manual for more information.