Inquisitor - Advanced


Advanced Inquisitor allows you to scan the markets for symbols that meet a user-defined criteria.


Build highly modifiable rules from over 100 indicators. With the advanced inquisitor you have full control over how each of your rules relates to the other. You can group sets of rules and use 'AND' or 'OR' operators. Look for price and indicator events that happened your choice of bars ago on daily, weekly or monthly time frames. You can also generate a watch list of your scan results with the click on a button.

Key Points:

 Create highly modifiable rules.
 Control how you rules interact with 'AND', 'OR' & grouping functionality.
 Build your rules based on over 100 indicators available in PhoenixAI. 


Quick Tips:

Click the 'Add Rule' button on the left to start your first rule. On the right, choose the indicator or parameter you want to base your rule on. Then add in your parameters in the far right and use the 'Rule Editor' at the top to choose your operator and create the second part of the rule.