Derivatives Strategy


Combine a combination of options to form a strategy and view the potential profit / loss of that strategy.


Create a combination of any options of your choice or use the 'Strategy Assistant' to walk you through setting up common strategy types like 'Butterfly spreads', 'Bull Spreads', 'Protective Puts' and about 20 more. View the results on a 2D profit / loss chart or a 3D profit / loss / time decay chart. You can make as many strategies as you like and then compare the results for all of them on the one chart.

Key Points:

 Build your own strategy

 Use existing symbol data or...

      Use custom data
      View Profit/Loss chart
      View Profit/Loss as 3D graph
      Compare Different Strategies


Quick tips:

After you've opened up the window, drag in a stock code from your watch list. Then click the 'Strategy Assistant' icon in the toolbar, it's the one with the 'S' next to a '+' over an up arrow.