About Us

Since PhoenixAI was first built in 2003, we have endeavored to provide the most reliable data service and the best charting analysis software on the market. Our program has been built and developed by some of the most proficient market systems programmers in Australia. Their experience in the creation of earlier market systems (Bourse Data), which were in their time widely used and highly popular, has proved to enhance their perspective in developing a truly amazing software package.

PhoenixAI is first and foremost a charting package which means that you will be hard pressed to find any package out there that will match our charting functionality and ease of use. But, PhoenixAI offers so much more. For a full run down of what PhoenixAI can do, you should check out our features page. In regards to the server side of the software, you can rest assured because our servers are professionally at a dedicated computer data centre which boasts formidable uninterrupted power supply and security facilities.

The name Phoenix was conceived as a result of our new data analysis software arising from the experiences gained in creation and development of it's forerunners. The “AI” in PhoenixAI stands for “Aerarius Indicium” which is the name of the company behind the software package. Aerarius Indicium is a Latin term which directly translates to “Copper-smith Information” or in other words “Money maker's data”.

Here at PhoenixAI, we aim to provide you with the best service and friendly support we can offer. We don't believe you will find another charting analysis program on the market that can match PhoenixAI's functionality versus pricing ratio, and we hope that you will join us as PhoenixAI continues to grow and evolve from strength to strength.